(It’s been a while eh?)

Today I met up with a childhood friend for dinner and had the most spiritually delightful and encouraging time I’ve had in a little while. Being all caught with the youth ministry, work (which got really hectic all of a sudden) and now a relationship made me feel a little spiritually distant and a bit drained (mentally and physically) recently. But just reconnecting and fellowshipping with my friend tonight was absolutely wonderful and uplifting.

Fiona was my first Christian friend that I had made outside of church, wayyyy back when I was in elementary school. She moved back to Australia (where her family was) after the school year was over (or not long after – don’t quite remember) and I didn’t see her for a whole year. No contact or anything really (cuz well, internet was a luxury then lolll), but when she came back the year after I remember I was so happy to see her, and in that time we used to literally talk for hours on the phone after school and whatnot. Our families were also fairly close and Fiona was also the person who inspired me to learn to play the violin (though I suck at it to this day hahaha). We parted ways again after elementary school, but still kept in touch until her family moved out of the neighbourhood. But I never forgot her, and always found each other again through mutual relationships through people we knew hahaha. Seeing her again today made me think about that time again (nostalgiaaaa – oh dear I feel old), and made me feel incredibly thankful and blessed that God has blessed us both with such a wonderful relationship that distance and time clearly hasn’t broken. I hope and pray that this is friendship will continue to flourish under God’s eyes (and be a blessing to the people around us ^^)

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