Jesus the exalted head

“…How do we become more submitted to Jesus? We stop asking him to compromise His lordship…”

I think every Christian can relate to the idea of compromising our worship and service to God. “If you just gave me this I’d worship you more/better” or “I’m just busy and tired right now” etc. We all do it, I do it, we all have our excuses; our reasons. Sometimes it might be true, most of the time….I don’t think so. But maybe if we hand over the things we worry about; things that take up our time, maybe if we actually took the to stop thinking about ourselves and think more about our Lord. Then God can actually fulfill and bless us with the things we so deeply desire.

After all, it’s difficult to help someone if they won’t let you.

Ending off with a quote from today’s devo:

Jesus will be Lord of all, or He will not be Lord at all.


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