Off the top of my head, and possibly others (if you know me). You might be wondering why I’m creating……another blog. Especially since I run 4 other active blogs (it used to be 6 but 2 are closed down).

There are a few reasons for this:

-I like blogging, simple as that. No matter how bad I am at it
-I like to “visualize” my thoughts with words….sometimes. In this case, it’s on the screen
-I’m hoping that this will encourage me to do stick to my daily devotions. It’s a little resolution of mine that I’ve been struggling with, being always busy and tired, and stressed and so on (hopefully that will change with full-time schooling gone? Maybe? nah)
– (longshot but..) maybe there will be others who would like to share thoughts on what I write? (or not)

I’ve been wanting to create this blog for a while, but was kinda contemplating it because I wasn’t sure if I could keep up with writing (as usual). But I want to try regardless.

Aside from devotional posts, I also wanted to post other things that might come to mind as I walk my life (thus why I called this blog “musings” of a Christian). So other things you’ll see on this blog include: random verses (and quotes) that I find inspirational, lyrics from songs that I find inspirational, (possibly, though probably not incredibly often) comments on Christian-related books I read, and thoughts on life relating to Christianity/Christians.There’s probably more, but that’s all I’ve thought of in the short amount of time I’ve taken.

Other notes about this blog:
In terms of writing style, I blog quite casually . Being somewhat of a kid at heart (and an anime/manga/Japanese culture dork) I like to write with my own sort of onomatopoeia (mostly relating to sounds of cheer, anger or frustration), sometimes chat speech, and occasionally emoticons (though I will try not to use them too too often for this blog in particular). Some of my posts might be super short, some of my posts might also be super long. As such, I apologize if your eyes get tired or if you get bored of reading. I also admit (be somewhat passionate about certain things), I will rant…..once in a blue moon? Depends hoho.

I am also not an expert on any of the subjects I blog about (nor am I a terribly great writer). Far from it if anything. So as a Christian reading this blog, take it as you might interpret other Christian literature, as an account of one Christian’s experience, and an imperfect interpretation of God’s word that you (or others around you) may or may not be able to relate to. As “normal” person reading this blog (regardless of your religious/secular view), perhaps my thoughts will entertain you, maybe they will inspire you, maybe they will piss you off (in that case you may voice it out in a civilized manner or just don’t say it at all) who knows.

Regardless of what reader you might be I hope you enjoy my musings here. x]

Will start with a fresh entry tomorrow (beginning of the month oho).

(side note: I opted to just use a WordPress theme this time, eventually…..I will actually design one for this blog hehe)

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