Devo and Inspiration #20

It’s been a while since I’ve written a devo post. Darrrr feel terrible about that x.x So. Since I have a smartphone now (and I’ve been doing my devos in the morning on my way to work) I’m going to try this thing where I do devo and then draft a post so I can post it later when I have internet (cuz I don’t have data and I don’t plan to get data since I have internet at home and work and I don’t need it in between). Anyhoo, here’s hoping this’ll work cause I do love writing and blogging my thoughts down (I’m a visual person lol).

On another devoted related note. The last few devos I’ve been going through focused on Malachi and the concept of God being the refiner who has the eye for finding gold/silver though hidden among all the other ores around it (i.e
us) and purifying and refining it to it’s intended beauty. The random quote that was included in yesterday’s devo I found to be encouraging and hopeful so I thought I’d share it today :)

If there is joy in the world, surely the man of pure heart possesses it.

-Thomas à Kempis

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