Off the top of my head, and possibly others (if you know me). You might be wondering why I’m creating……another blog. Especially since I run 4 other active blogs (it used to be 6 but 2 are closed down).

There are a few reasons for this:

-I like blogging, simple as that. No matter how bad I am at it
-I like to “visualize” my thoughts with words….sometimes. In this case, it’s on the screen
-I’m hoping that this will encourage me to do stick to my daily devotions. It’s a little resolution of mine that I’ve been struggling with, being always busy and tired, and stressed and so on (hopefully that will change with full-time schooling gone? Maybe? nah)
– (longshot but..) maybe there will be others who would like to share thoughts on what I write? (or not)

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